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What is project management transformation?

Every company, whether in Sydney, Melbourne or globally, needs the expertise of a project management company. From major IT implementations and construction projects to even small, ad-hoc initiatives, the role of a project management professional is crucial. Delivering projects more efficiently and effectively can save time, money, and can yield significantly better results.

The PMX Company, a leading project management company, transforms your business's project management capability. We do this by assessing your current and desired state, upskilling your team with the best project management training, setting up common processes and systems, and even delivering key projects for you 

The PMX Company transforms your project management capabilities through four distinct but interconnected core service offerings:


Trusted by

The PMX Company has been entrusted with the projects of many local and global organisations. As a premier project management company, we have a track record of agile transformations and the creation of customised project manager training programs.

From the delivery of complex, mission-critical programs to project management training courses, we are a trusted partner to organisations across industries including:

  • Elexon Mining
  • Spark-X
  • Ignyte
  • Greater Western Water
  • PWC


The PMX Journey

Embarking on The PMX Journey means partnering with a leading project management company that's dedicated to redefining the standards of project management services.